Best 15inch Laptop – DELL XPS 15 review

DELL XPS 15 review

The Dell XPS 15 9510 is the latest addition to the premium XPS range. Falling between the 13.4-inch XPS 13 and the 17-inch XPS 17, this Laptop is the perfect mid-sized alternative for individuals needing power and portability. Before the comprehensive review, let’s look at the Laptop’s basic features.

The best Windows Laptop!

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The Dell XPS 15 is one of the best Windows laptops you can buy in 2023. Of course, there are some quality issues that we have been dealing with for a long time. But keeping that aside, this Laptop is undoubtedly worth every penny spent on it.

Equipped with 11th-generation processors from the Tiger-Lake H series, the processing power of this Laptop is more than sufficient to handle anything you throw at it.

For even more power, you can also opt for the Intel Core i9-13th generation processor, which shows 129% gaming, 128% desktop, and 170% performance benchmarks compared to the 88% gaming, 90% desktop, and 86% workstation scores of the Core i7.

Whether you are a serious gamer, a heavy multitasker, or an advanced photo/video editor, the XPS 15 has your back! Combined with the revolutionary NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 series, you can enjoy fascinating image quality and lifelike visuals on your Laptop.

Processing Power

As stated above, the Intel Core i7 Tiger-lake processors are among the top-performing Intel CPUs. Thanks to the 16 GB of RAM available on the system, you can install as many applications as you want. Browsing the web with dozens of applications open in the background doesn’t affect your system’s running speed.

The cooling system is also comparatively silent. You can tell that the air dissipation also works fine during peak consumption hours. Compared to other laptops with similar specifications, like the Surface Laptop 4 or Razer Blade 15, the XPS 15 performs extraordinarily.

We checked the benchmarks for intense content creation to make it more interesting, like rendering 3D images with Maxon Cinebench, advanced photo and video editing with Adobe Photoshoot, and transcoding videos. As expected, the Dell XPS 15 gives solid results. This device may not be optimal for serious gamers, as it has a lower power consumption of 45 W. However, it remains a suitable option for all other professionals.

Design and Appearance

Dell has long been known for producing laptops with exquisite designs. Luckily, the X15 is no exception. The sleek exterior sits well with all kinds of backgrounds. Whether a business meeting or a school presentation, you can carry your X15 wherever you want.

The keyboard and trackpad are also optimally adjusted within the chassis. As far as appearance is concerned, the X15 even beats the Apple MacBook Pro. When both of these laptops are placed side by side, the X15, without any doubt, steals the show!

Gaming Performance

If you are a fast-paced gamer, an e-sports enthusiast, or a first-person shooter, we have some good news for you! As the Dell XPS 15 features an NVIDIA 3050 video card, you can enjoy better and much faster gameplay.

Designed for live streaming, this AI-powered home studio takes your gaming experience to another level. Measure your victory in milliseconds and enjoy maximum FPS (frames per second) to defeat your rivals.

The 45-watt peak power consumption of the RTX 3050 can be a buzzkill for any serious gamer. Plus, the GPU of the Laptop is not upgradeable. Unlike the XPS 17, you cannot exchange your 3050 for a 3060 or a 3070 when you want.

This means that the XPS 15 is not precisely what you call a “gaming laptop”. Any other scenario is easily configurable on this device. From power-intensive business activities and advanced photo and video editing to content creation and light gaming, the XPS 15 is your perfect companion for enduring all this.

Is the OLED Display worth it?

There are three screen options that you can get on your XPS 15. First is the FHD (1920 x 1080p), second is the 3.5K OLED infinity-edge touch anti-reflective 400-nit display, and last is the 4K (3840 x 2400) infinity-edge 500-nit display.

My favourite is the OLED variant. Featuring a resolution of 3456 x 2160p, the 16:10 aspect ratio lets you get the most out of your investment. The maxed-out 4K display can be too much for a laptop with this screen size, while the standard resolution can be a little low.

During our testing, the OLED screen displayed the entire range of sRGB, Adobe RGB, and DCI-P3 colour gamuts without distortion. The highest brightness level is 400 nits. You can work even in direct sunlight, and the display will be clear enough. Some of the credit goes to the OLED screen, as it doesn’t need more pixels for illumination.

Nothing is without drawbacks, and we noticed some on this “almost perfect” screen too. Firstly, both OLED and 4K options are glossy touch panels, resulting in more bounce than ideal. Second, there is no option to customise screen settings. Three utilities come pre-installed: Dell Cinema Guide, Dell Cinemacolor, and Dell Premier Colour. We’d like better personalisation options for a 3.5K OLED or 4K display.

Battery Life

The XPS 15 boasts a 40-watt lithium-ion battery. Once recharged, the Laptop can be used for approximately 17 hours (as claimed by Dell). When we tested the device, it lasted for 10 hours with constant video playback and maximum brightness. For gaming, the time span may be reduced even more.

Despite all this, the battery life of the XPS 15 is better than most laptops out there. The battery is one cell, but it doesn’t weigh much. After equipping everything in its chassis, the Dell XPS has a total weight of 2 kg. You don’t need to carry your charger with you if you are going to work on the go.

Audio Quality

We all know that laptops could be better regarding audio quality. That’s because, on the majority of laptops, the speakers are facing downward. This diminishes noise levels, making it extremely difficult to actively listen to anything without connecting an external speaker or earbuds.

Thankfully, the XPS 15 has two speakers facing upward. Situated on either side of the keyboard, you get clearer noise with minimum distortion. Granted, it’s less efficient than a full-fledged sound system, but the audio quality exceeds our expectations for a laptop.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard of the XPS 15 9510 is excellent in all aspects. The critical distance is optimal; you only need a little nudge to display a pressed key. The soft-touch carbon fibre gives a sturdy feel to the Laptop lid.

The trackpad is massive. It’s undoubtedly one of the biggest touchpads that I’ve seen in the laptop industry. However, it can be too big for some users.

Personally, I have no complaints with either the keyboard or the trackpad. Getting work done on the XPS 15 is straightforward, and you’ll reach your peak typing speed in no time.

The keyboard’s white backlight is neutral in terms of quality. I want to trade it for some other shade. However, that’s the only option available now; we can make peace with it.

Extra Features

There is a fingerprint reader, a 720p webcam, and a Windows Hello Sign-in Option in the Dell XPS 15 9510. For business professionals or digital travellers, having a secure way of signing in without entering a password makes a significant difference. The video quality can be noisy for digital conferences or corporate meetings, yet the overall output is adequate.


  • Ultraportable chassis
  • Highly efficient processor
  • Dedicated Graphics Card
  • Pleasant typing experience
  • Optional OLED display with 3.5K resolution


  • A little pricey
  • One-cell battery
  • Non-upgradable GPU

Who should buy it?

Anyone who wants a mid-sized laptop with good computing power and decent graphic quality will find the XPS 15 a perfect choice. It includes business professionals, content creators, graphic designers, photo and video editors, and even home users. For budget-conscious users, there is always the option of buying a refurbished or reconditioned laptop. That way, you get your hands on the excellence of Dell without breaking the bank!

Who shouldn’t buy it?

If we haven’t stated it earlier, let us tell you. The port selection on the XPS 15 is not ideal. There are no full-sized ports, making it difficult to connect seamlessly with external devices. Also, the GPU is not upgradeable. This makes the Dell XPS 15 a straight no for serious gamers or port-hungry individuals.

Our Take

The Dell XPS 15 9510 is an amazing device that meets the criteria for almost every factor that you’d expect from a premium laptop. The Intel Core i7 processors, RTX 3050 GPU, 16GB of RAM, and up to 17 hours of runtime all make it a perfect pick for students, business professionals, and creatives alike. Granted that there are minor flaws here and there, we’d still highly recommend the XPS 15 to anyone who is satisfied with its specs and features.

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