Affiliate Disclosure and FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules
In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission introduced new guidelines for Disclosure Compliance, aimed at ensuring that consumers of web content are aware when a blogger or publisher has a relationship with a different company, be it through sponsorship, authorization, or partnership. The primary goal is to inform readers about potential monetary gains made by the content publisher through shared links or promoted products.

In accordance with the FTC’s regulations, please take note of the following with regards to links and posts on this site:

All Buyer Direction’s links provided as Buyer Direction are affiliate links, through which we receive a modest compensation based on sales of certain items.

What Are Affiliate Links?
The actual purchase transactions occur on external affiliate company websites. When a reader or user clicks on an affiliate link placed on is it cool to make a purchase, they are acquiring the product directly from the seller (not through is it cool).

Is it cool receives a small commission or additional compensation from companies like Amazon and others for directing customers to their websites.

The prices remain consistent for readers whether they utilize an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. Clicking on an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link does not affect the visitor’s costs or any other aspects of their experience.

Two Primary Types of Affiliate Programs at “Is it cool”

Amazon affiliate links
Is it cool
is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising initiative designed to provide a means for website owners to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites, as well as other websites associated with the Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

Product affiliate links
If you decide to click on an affiliate link to purchase a product and proceed with the purchase, is it cool will receive a specific percentage of the sale or an alternative form of reward. Once again, the amounts remain unchanged whether you use these affiliate links or not. These links do not operate on a “pay per click” basis.

What About Sponsored Content?
We do not create content that is based on sponsorships. Our focus is solely on delivering authentic and unbiased information through our content. However, if a company expresses interest in publishing sponsored content on “is it cool,” we will make this explicitly clear at the beginning of the respective post.

Your support through purchases made via is it cool contributes to our research and ongoing efforts. We genuinely appreciate your support!