9 Best Builds for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty 2.1 in 2024

Best Build Cyberpunk 2077

Are you ready to rule Night City in Cyberpunk 2077’s latest update? Let’s cut to the chase: the best builds are here and more exciting than ever. The new 2.1 update and Phantom Liberty DLC are packed with fantastic options. Whether you are a pro or new to Night City, our guide will undoubtedly be your golden ticket. You’ll find great insight tips for all kinds of builds, whether you like sneaking around or being right in the action. Jump in, try different perks, and find the best style for you.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and start this game-changing journey together!

9 Best Cyberpunk 2077 2.1 Builds

1. Blunt Weapons Build: The Basher

Style: Feeling like a superhero in Night City

Key Skill: Being strong and unstoppable

Favourite Weapons: Heavy clubs and hammers for causing chaos

Imagine being a superhero in Night City! The Basher build is perfect for gamers who love to be at the heart of the action. This style turns you into a powerhouse, where you can walk into a crowd of enemies and leave them wondering what hit them. It’s all about feeling strong and unstoppable.

Key Strategy:

Focus on improving your Body and Technical skills. This combination will make you tough and robust. Arm yourself with heavy-duty clubs and hammers – these are your tools for causing chaos.

Cyberware Picks:

Gorilla Arms are essential. They give your punches the power of a freight train. Pair this with Titanium Bones, and you become as tough as steel. You won’t just be strong; you’ll be a tank on two legs.

Gamer’s Tip:

Picture this: You’re in the middle of a fight, swinging your weapon, and enemies are flying away like bowling pins. That’s the power of the Basher build. It’s all about feeling invincible and having fun. So, grab your favourite heavy weapon and start your adventure in Night City!

2. Assassin Build: The Shadow Striker

Style: Sneaking and taking down enemies silently

Key Skill: Being stealthy and agile

Favourite Weapons: Silenced Weapons for quiet takedowns

Enter the world of stealth and precision with the Shadow Striker build in Cyberpunk 2077. Perfect for those who thrive on being a silent and deadly force, this build lets you glide unseen through Night City, taking down targets without a sound.

The Strategy:

First, focus on Cool and Reflexes. Cool makes you hard to spot, perfect for stealth. Reflexes give you quickness and agility, key for sneaky moves. Next up, choose Silenced Weapons. These are crucial for any secret mission, letting you take out targets quietly.

Finally, embrace Stealth Tactics. Stay hidden, use your surroundings wisely, and plan each step. Also, being sneaky means thinking ahead and using cover smartly.

Cyberware Essentials:

·       Optical Camo: This makes you invisible. Great for sneaking past enemies or surprising them.

·       Mantis Blades: Ideal for quick, quiet attacks. They’re what make you a real sneaky fighter.

Why This Build Rocks:

Imagine this, fellow gamer: you’re a ghost in Night City, invisible right by your targets. It’s super cool to be so close but still hidden. And when you quietly take down an enemy? Honestly, it feels amazing.

Winning is great, but it’s more about how you win. With this build, every mission is like a fantastic spy game. You sneak around, always staying out of sight. It’s all about those sneaky moves, not just finishing the mission. Being undercover and smart that’s the real fun of the game.

3. Gunslinger Build: The Quickshot

Style: Thrilling and fast shooting

Key Skill: Being quick and accurate

Favourite Weapons: Pistols and revolvers for precision

Prepare to dominate gunfights in Night City with the Quickshot build. This build is perfect for players who love the excitement of fast and accurate shooting. Imagine being the quickest gun in town, where every shot counts and brings you closer to victory.

Key Strategy:

·       Focus on Reflexes and Technical Ability. These are your go-to skills. Reflexes make you lightning-fast, letting you react in a blink. Technical Ability sharpens your weapon skills, making you a shooting star.

·       Weapon Mastery: Get comfortable with pistols and revolvers. They’re your trusty sidekicks in every fight. Practice makes perfect, and mastering these guns means you’ll be dishing out headshots like candy.

Cyberware Picks:

·       Smart Link: This is your aiming guru. It links your gun to your eyes, so you never miss a shot.

·       Subdermal Grip: It’s like giving your hands superpowers for holding and firing guns: better grip, firm control, and more fun.

Why Gamers Love This:

For a while think of yourself as the action hero in your own movie, where every trigger pull is your big moment. With the Quickshot build, you’ll feel like the fastest gun in Night City. While your enemies are still thinking, you’re already firing precise shots.

Furthermore, It’s not just about hitting the target; it’s about doing it with style. So, if you want to be the legendary gunslinger that turns every shot into a story, try the Quickshot build. It’s not just shooting; it’s crafting your epic tale in Night City.

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4. Netrunner Build: The Hacker

Style: Mastering technology and hacking

Key Skill: Intelligence for supercharged hacking

Favourite Cyberware: Cyberdeck with Advanced Quickhacks and NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a tech genius in Night City, the Netrunner Build, also known as “The Hacker,” is your ticket to becoming a technology master. You can hack enemies and devices to gain the upper hand.

Key strategy:

In the world of gaming, here’s the deal: Intelligence is your ticket to supercharged hacking skills, and Cool is your secret weapon for staying as cool as ice when things heat up. So, focus on reinforcing these skills to become the ultimate hacker in Night City.

Cyberware Picks:

·   Cyberdeck with Advanced Quickhacks: Your cyberdeck is your secret weapon. Load it with super cool quick hacks to mess with enemies, distract them, and control their gadgets.

·   NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5: Want to hack stuff from far away? This thing’s like having super-long hacking arms. You can reach even the most demanding networks. Get ready for some epic hacking adventures!

Why This Build Is a Gamer’s Dream

It’s like having a superpower in the game; hacking is your ultimate secret weapon. You outsmart opponents, stay ahead of the game, and even take control of their weapons. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, the Netrunner build offers the best of both worlds: a chance to dominate with tech in Night City.

5. Assault Rifle Build: The Sharpshooter

Style: Dominating with intelligence and firepower

Key Skills: Balance of Reflexes and Body for mid-range combat

Favourite Cyberware: Smart Link for precise aiming and Internal Rotor for stability

Why rush into battles blindly when you can take control with strategy and firepower? The Smart Assaulter, also known as the Sharpshooter, excels in mid-range combat by combining intelligence, reflexes, smart weapons, and quick hacks to effortlessly eliminate enemy squads.

·   Key Strategy: Strike a balance between Reflexes and Body. Make use of versatile assault rifles.

·   Cyberware Picks: Equip a Smart Link for precise targeting and an Internal Rotor for stability.

How to Dominate Night City with this Build:

It is all about mobility and intelligence. With 20 points in Intelligence, you unlock a range of RAM and quick hack-boosting perks, enhancing smart guns and replenishing RAM with enemy defeats. Reflexes provide access to assault rifle and SMG perks, while Dash and Air Dash perks boost mobility.

Also, use Phantom Liberty to explore the Tech or Cool perk trees for better cyberware or crouch movement. Consider monowire perks or innovative pistols.

·   Key Cyberware: Reinforced Tendons, Kerenzikov, Raven Microcyber, Smart Link or Tiger Claws Dermal Implant

·   Recommended Weapons: Divided We Stand, Pizdets, Chesapeake, Shingen Mark V, Yinglong, Hercules 3AX

6. Blades Build: Unbeatable in Games

Style: Lightning-fast, smart, and skilled with swords

Key Skill: Speed and precision

Favourite Weapons: Swords and small knives for quick, surprise attacks

Hey gamers! Have you ever dreamed of being a ninja in your favourite game? Meet the ‘Blade Dancer’ build; it’s all about speed, smart moves, and incredible sword skills.

What’s a Blade Dancer?

Imagine being the fastest, sharpest fighter. You dodge attacks easily and strike back before enemies blink. Undoubtedly, you would be a hero as quick as a flash and as sharp as a razor.

Your Winning Strategy:

First, make your character super-fast, just like a cheetah! Then, add some coolness to stay calm in crazy fights. You were wondering who is going to be your best friend in battle. Swords and small knives. They’re perfect for quick, surprise attacks.

Must-Have Gear:

Lastly, equip yourself with Mantis Blades; imagine having sword blades right in your hands! Plus, a unique booster to make you even quicker. You’ll zip around the battlefield like a whirlwind. Isn’t that sound exciting?

7. Smart Weapons Build: Aim Less, Shot More

Style: Future combat with advanced technology

Key Skills: Technical Ability and Intelligence for mastering smart guns

Favourite Cyberware: Smart Link for precise aiming and weapon handling boosters

Step into the future of combat with the ‘Tech Tactician’ build. It’s a dream come true for gamers who love strategy and cutting-edge technology. This build is all about using high-tech smart weapons to outsmart and defeat opponents.

Highlighted Strategy at its Core:

Don’t forget to focus on improving your Technical Ability and Intelligence. These skills are essential for mastering smart guns, which lock onto targets and shoot curved bullets. It’s like playing a strategic game in the middle of a gunfight and always staying two steps ahead.

Cyberware – The Game Changer:

Equip the Smart Link cyberware for precise weapon control, turning each shot into a deadly strike. Add cyberware that boosts your weapon handling, making you a formidable force on the battlefield.

As a ‘Tech Tactician’, every fight is like playing a high-tech video game. You’re not just shooting; you’re outsmarting everyone. Think of yourself as the boss, controlling a bullet symphony. So, gear up, get your smart guns, and show the game who’s the real tech boss!

8. Tech Weapons Build: High Tech And Futuristic

Style: Geeky and gadget-focused combat

Key Stats: Technical Ability and Body for using advanced tech weapons

Favourite Gear: Power capacitors and Enhanced Servomotor for weapon upgrades

What’s up, fellow gamers! Prepare for the ‘Armorer’ build, a dream come true for gadget geeks. This is all about using crazy cool tech weapons that do more than just shoot.

Make Your Gear Work Harder:

Pump up your Technical Ability and Body stats. Why? Because tech weapons aren’t just guns, they’re like your personal robots that shoot, explode, and do all sorts of wild stuff.

Choose the Best Cyberware:

Grab some power capacitors – they’re like turbochargers for your weapons. And don’t forget an Enhanced Servomotor. It’s like upgrading your arms to handle your gear like a pro.

9. Tank Build: The Fortress

Style: Super tough and can take a lot of hits

Key Skill: Body (Being really strong)

Favorite Gear: Heavy armor and Subdermal Armor (Extra strong protection)

Hey, game warriors! Do you ever want to be the unshakable rock in your team? Say hello to the ‘Tank’ build. It’s all about taking hits and keeping your buddies safe.

Your Role: The Sparkling Hero

Think of yourself as a walking tank. Max out your Body stat to turn into a damage-absorbing machine. You’re the one laughing in the face of danger while your team fights without worry.

Gear Up Like a Champion

Heavy armour is your best friend. It’s like wearing a personal fortress. And for cyberware? Getting Subdermal Armor is like having a shield under your skin. Plus, a BioMonitor will keep tabs on your health. You’ll be tough as nails, always ready for action.

As the ‘Fortress’, your job is simple: Be the hero who stands tall when everyone else can’t. Block, protect and keep the fight going. You’re not just a player; you’re the backbone of your team. So, are you ready to be the wall that enemies can’t break through?

Final Verdict

In ‘Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty 2.1’, picking the right build is like picking your superpower. With nine cool builds, you’re not just playing the game but shaping your adventure. Each build is like different costumes at a party, making you fit in or stand out in Night City. Whether you’re new to the game or a pro, there’s something extraordinary for everyone. So, grab your gear and get ready to rock the cyber world.

 Remember, your build is your story, so make it epic!

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